Feeding love to Gaia and Nico Ilaria Bertinelli


È il racconto di una strategia famigliare, di una crescita indispensabile quando la vita cambia in modo brusco e repentino come capita dopo una diagnosi di diabete tipo 1 e/o di celiachia, ma è anche una raccolta di ricette per portare gioia e benessere in tavola, il momento in cui tutta la famiglia si riunisce e si racconta, per dare ispirazione, voglia di cucinare e gustare insieme.
  • pp. 240
  • 13cm x 19cm
  • Rilegatura: brossura
  • Prefazione: Massimo Bottura
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A child who pays the price of an injection every time he/she eats deserves Chef prepared food, not any food. And then again, will it still be possible to eat something good? This book is the result of a mother’s reflections when first her daughter Gaia was diagnosed with autoimmune diabetes and celiac disease, then her son Nicolò was diagnosed with diabetes. All of a sudden, foods that were cooked and eaten until the day before turned into poison and the happy moments of the family enjoying meals together became a nightmare: as the pleasure and enjoyment of good food vanish, the pain of an injection becomes unbearable.

Drawing inspiration and gaining knowledge from some gluten-free cooking courses, Ilaria leveraged her cooking skills to experiment and create. The menu grew and friends started being invited for dinner again, but to banquets of new and thrilling flavors. Each of the 106 recipes collected in this book comply with requirements of diabetes and celiac disease, not to mention those of taste and flavor, and indicate the carbohydrate count per 100g.